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Our "State of the Art" technology and management procedures produce outstanding results every time. Once you have a file in our system, you have 24 hour access to all documents and daily updates through our secure site. This way, you always know what is going on and can communicate with your client every step of the way. You not only have the ability to view daily progress and all documents that have been submitted, but you can also download and print any of these materials for your client at any point in time. We've invested in the latest technology and are always evaluating our internal processes to ensure execution of best practices.

*Your satisfaction is our benchmark for success.


What You Get                     


Real-time, online access to your records

Account Executive

Each customer has an internal point of contact who works to keep you updated on the status of your transactions

Round the Clock Communication

Your account executive is available 24/7 to immediately resolve any issues which may arise

No-Delay Promise

L&L will complete your closing without delays, following your transaction from start to finish in an orderly in timely fashion.  There’s no need to wait weeks for a closing or worry about getting lost in a pile of paperwork.

Digital Documents/Forever Marketing Program

The Digital Closing Docs™ Automated Marketing platform not only increases your market share it also works for you to help you gain referrals and close more transactions—just by closing with L&L.

Increase Repeat Business with the Digital Closing Docs™ proprietary system designed to automatically bring homeowners back to you at the time they need you most, when they are back in the market.

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How we do it           

Your satisfaction is what matters most to us, which is why we’ve invested in the latest technology and maintain a continuous internal evaluations process to ensure the fastest, most reliable execution of best practices.  Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and streamlined management procedures, L&L can produce outstanding results for every one of our customers.