Short Sales

Difficult economic times along with poor lending practices have given rise to a growing distressed housing market. In some areas, foreclosures and short sales comprise as much as 70% or more of the market. Are you taking advantage or are you still competing for a much smaller percentage of the shrinking traditional market?

Short sales can present a daunting and intimidating task. Market value is much less than your client owes and sellers are experiencing financial hardship along with uncertainty about where they and their families will live.  By assisting them in short selling their property and relocating, you are helping them recover and creating relationships and referrals that will last a lifetime. A short sale will result in lower deficiency balances owed to the bank as compared to a foreclosure. Most cases will result in full forgiveness of the deficiency balance along with the reporting of a debt that has been satisfied for less than the full balance to the credit bureau. This represents a much better option than foreclosure.

The formula is simple, a legitimate hardship and a market value sale will help ensure success. Market to distressed homeowners, list the property, provide us with a sales agreement and the required documentation and let us handle the rest. From marketing and seller consultation through negotiation and closing, Lepizzera & Laprocina provides the resources you need. 

We do not require any upfront fees from the seller(s) nor do we require any contribution form the agent.  We are paid when the transaction closes.  We submit our fee to the short sale lender as a seller cost to be deducted from the net proceeds, the same as your commision.  List the property, sell, and submit the package to us.  We handle the rest.